The Herbalist Gin Bottle

The Herbalist

Ultra premium organic gin

This unique gin is the result of a collaboration between master-distillers, mixologists and the R&D team of KeyPharm, a company specializing in medicinal plants and herbs.
Fifty carefully selected plants and herbs (botanicals) have been incorporated into this 100% natural organic gin! The botanicals were classified into six different groups, according to their aromas, before separate maceration and distilling in a traditional copper still. The result is a unique gin with a fine and delicate aroma, complex in nature yet nicely balanced.

Pronounced aromas of herbs (juniper, pepper, ginger, rosemary, angelica, gentian, cardamom, coriander, marjoram, etc.), with floral undertones (lavender, rose, etc.), the scent of leaves (eucalyptus, pine, myrtle, green tea, etc.) and hints of citrus fruits (lime, mandarin) and berries (acai, maqui, etc.).